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Rick Carson; Chef and General Manger, Executive Chef Derek Finnell and Sous Chef Ashley Lawrence head the team for “Nosh”. These three have 40 years combined experience in the food service industry.

2012-08-24 10.37.12Rick Carson is a trained Chef and has held Chef positions in Hotels, Corporate Franchises, Martini Lounges, Fine Dining Restaurants and Culinary Farm Kitchens. He has traveled around Europe, Philippines and the Caribbean that lends to the Global influence to many of the dishes created at Nosh. Passionate about The the Quality and flavor of the food we eat has also been the drive for Rick to Create Nosh Gardens, a local All-Natural Agricultural Farm where we grow our own produce and sell to local restaurants & Farmers markets.

Derek Finnell is a self-taught seasoned Chef. He is conscience of Seasonal Ohio Agriculture, understands importance of local farming and community awareness. Utilizing fresh, organic, all natural ingredients with a mix of progressive technique & classical influence. This Young Man is making his mark on the local scene.

Ashley is our newest chef. She is a local self-taught Chef with roots from the West Coast. Her Passion for Creativity, use of High Quality Products along with detail to precise cooking methods makes Nosh a Truly Special Team.

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